New Data Center Test Equipment Range

February 11th, 2018 – AFL Hyperscale, a global leader in fiber optic technology, is launching a new range of fiber optic cleaning, inspection and test equipment for installing and maintaining high-density network cabling in data centers.

The range has been carefully selected to help technicians overcome challenges associated with fiber identification, cleanliness, fault finding, network verification and certification. Including a series of cleaning tools, fiber scopes, visual fault identifiers, power meter & light source kits, certification testers and OTDRs, the AFL Hyperscale data center test equipment range is designed to ensure best practice and best performance for data center networks.

Highlights include FlexScan®, a pocket sized, high resolution OTDR capable of locating faulty patch cords in data center cross-connects; FOCIS®, a range of fully automated fiber optic connector inspection scopes for viewing and analyzing connector end faces against IEC standards; and ROGUE®, a Modular Test Platform built for high speed cable certification on single, or multi-fiber MPO links.       

Nick Cole, EMEA Marketing Manager, commented: “Data center networks are becoming increasingly complex as they expand to accommodate new technologies and increased demand. Essentially this means more cabling and connectivity which puts intense pressure on network designers who must deliver low-loss systems at scale. Our mission is to provide installation teams with the tools to deliver these systems.”

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