MT Tracer (12-fiber VFI and Display)


The MT Tracer is a compact multi-fiber Visual Fault Identifier (VFI) to verify MPO / MTP® fiber cable type (A, B, C), continuity and end-to-end polarity. The user simply connects the 12-fiber cable directly to the unit and views the results. Fibers can be tested individually or all at once. By progressing sequentially through the fibers, cables can be quickly checked for polarity by verifying the proper order at the output. Additionally, damaged fiber(s) are quickly identified with the MT Tracer saving trouble-shooting time when cables are put into service.

  • Wavelength: 650 nm +/-20 nm
  • Output Power: 1.0 mW (into each 9/125 fiber)
  • Viewing safe for eyes
  • CW or 2Hz (2 cycles per second) output
  • Output Connector: MPO / MTP®
  • Direct connect - No fan-outs necessary


  • Data Center - MPO Cable Verification (Type A, B, C)
  • Test 8 and 12 fiber MTP® assemblies
  • Test polarity, continuity, and fiber mismatch
  • Locate ends of unmarked cables in data centers


Optical Wavelength 650 ±10 nm
Output Power Level Minimum 0.5 mW, typical 1.0 mW (at each SM 9/125 fiber at the end of MTP cord)
Optical Connector MTP® male SM, angled
Number of Output Fibers 12
Power 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life (alkaline) 40 hours
Low Battery Indicated by 2 Hz LED blinking
Weight 0.29 kg (0.63 lb)
Input Connector MTP® angled male 62.5 µ fiber
No. of input Connectors 1 (12-fiber MTP)
Weight Source: 0.29 kg (0.63 lb); Display 0.18 kg (0.4 lb)
Dimensions 9.9 x 3.8 x 14.3 cm (3.9 x 1.5 x 5.6 in)
Operation Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C, RH 85 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature -30 °C to 50 °C, RH 95 % non-condensing
Ordering information
TRCR-90-0900 MT Tracer Kit (Source, Display and carry case)
TRCR-20-0900 MT Tracer Source
TRCR-10-0900 MT Tracer Display