LC Premium Uniboot Patch Cords Reversible Polarity


Our Data Centre Premium LC duplex uniboot patch cord with QuickFlip polarity reversing feature has a unique* and branded design for polarity reversal without the use of tools and without twisting or movement of the optical fiber.

The QuickFlip uniboot patch cord is supplied with either a 2.4 mm round duplex cable or smaller size 2 mm round duplex cable providing greater flexibility and space saving.

Our patch cords are terminated with premium grade zirconia ceramic ferrule connectors which help assure high transmission quality and low optical power loss.

*Patent applied for.

  • Premium Polarity Reversible LC uniboot connector type in Blue (SM) and Aqua (MM)
  • Enhanced optical performance to meet tight data center power budgets
  • Standard and Reduced Bend Sensitivity OM3, OM4 and G652D/G657A1 or A2 Fiber types
  • Cable jacket available in Yellow (SM), Aqua (OM3 and OM4) and Erika Violet (OM4); LSZH or OFNR
  • Full duplex in a single 2.4 mm or 2.0 mm diameter cable for space saving and flexibility
  • IEC compliant
  • RoHS materials, REACH and SvHC compliant
  • Data Centres
  • High Density Cabling applications
  • High Bandwidth Ethernet and Fiber Channel
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs)
  • Any critical network

Connector Specification

IL Max/Master (Acceptance) 0.15 dB 0.15 dB IEC 61300-3-4
Ave/Master 0.12 dB 0.08 dB IEC 61300-3-4
Ave/Random 0.12 dB 0.10 dB IEC 61300-3-34
Return Loss* ≥55 dB ≥28 dB IEC 61300-3-6

*Multimode Return Loss based on sample data

Cable Specification

Cable Material   LSZH
Strength Member   Aramid
Crush N/100 mm  
Operating Temperature °C -20 to 60
Secondary Buffer Diameter µm 600 ± 50
Minimum Bending Radius mm 10D (installed) 20D (loaded)
Ordering information
Code   Fibre Type   Cable Type   Jacket Material   Color   Code   End A   End B   Code   Unit   Length
P   3 OM3   AW Round 2mm   L LSZH   9 YELLOW   P   C LC
  C LC
  -0006-   M Meters   1 1
    4 OM4         R OFNR   C AQUA                       F Feet   2 2
    9 G.652D                                                3 3
    7 G.657A1                                               5 5
                                                      10 10
                                                      XX Specify

Legacy ordering information

Connector End A   Connector End B   Fiber Type   Cable Configuration   Cable Colour   Cable Diameter   Cable Length   -DC
LCR Polarity Reversing LC   LCR Polarity Reversing LC   09 G.652D   D Duplex (LSZH)   YE Yellow   leave blank 2.4mm   1 1 meter   -UNIDC
            7A1 G.657A1    DR  Duplex (OFNR)   AQ Aqua   2MM 2mm   2 2 meter    
            OM3 OM3                     3 3 meter    
            OM4 OM4                     5 5 meter    
                                    10 10 meter    
                                    xx specify    


Example Part Number

LCR   LCR   OM3   D   AQ   3   -UNIDC

This part number has created a 3 meter duplex Polarity Reversible LC to LC OM3 2.4mm uniboot patch cord in aqua.