45° Up Elbow Fiber Raceway


Fiber raceway system is designed to protect, manage and route fiber optic cable assemblies and patch cords to and from network cabinets, optical distribution frames (ODFs) and other terminal devices within data centers.

Fiber raceway system provides the necessary fiber cable management to ensure network reliability by:

  • Maintaining proper fiber cable bend radius control at all points
  • Providing fiber cable physical protection from external elements
  • Enabling easy access to fiber cables
  • Providing necessary fiber cable slack management
  • Properly defining routing paths throughout the data center

Fiber raceway system offers 45° up elbows that attach to 4"x15", 4"x10", 4"x5", or 2.36"x2.36" channel and/or fitting to create a 45° upward angle from a straight horizontal run. Used with 45° down elbows to change level of a horizontal run.  All components are environment friendly and high-class plastic, ROHS compliant, and UL94-V0 level of flammability.

  • Easy and Quick Tool-less assembly
  • All plastic parts reach UL94-V0 level of flammability
  • RoHS compliant
  • Withstanding Voltage: AC500V /DC1000V
  • Insulation Resistance ≥ 20 MΩ
  • Installation Temperature : -25° ~ +60℃
  • Data Center
  • Service Provider facility
Ordering information
Part Number Product Description
AFLR08011 AFL HS Fibre Raceway Up 45°C Elbow 360 x 100mm PVC  with Cover Yellow
AFLR08021 AFL HS Fibre Raceway Up 45°C Elbow 240 x 100mm PVC  with Cover Yellow
AFLR08031 AFL HS Fibre Raceway Up 45°C Elbow 120 x 100mm PVC  with Cover Yellow
AFLR08041 AFL HS Fibre Raceway Up 90°C Elbow 60 x 60mm PVC  with Cover Yellow