40G QSFP+ (MPO) to QSFP+ Assembly


MPO  QSFP+ trunk/ patchcord assemblies are interconnecting QSFP+ transceivers operating within 40GBASE-SR parallel optics networks. QSFP+ transceivers utilize 12 Fibers MPO interface and perform 40G transmission using 4 x 10G channels (8 fibers: 4 x TX and 4 x RX ).

MPO QSFP+ assemblies are offered as 8 fibers OM3 or OM4 Trunks using a compact and rugged double jacket MicroCable structure or patch cords using compact single jacket MicroCable. Compact and flexible MicroCable optimizes cable-way use and improve airflow in high density data center environment.

MPO QSFP+ assemblies are built with highest quality components. MPO Premium versions are offered featuring low insertion loss for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.

QSFP+ MPO assembly when connected directly to QSFP+ transceivers should feature FEMALE un-pinned MPO connector. When assembly is mated with another MPO QSFP+ Assembly - Male/ Pinned or Female/ Un-Pinned Connector should be chosen accordingly (MPO Male/ Pinned connector must always be mated with MPO Female/ Un-Pinned connector. When two Males or Females MPO connectors are mated together via MPO Adapter - high losses will occur)

  • OS1/2 G.657A1, OM3, OM4
  • 8x Fiber MicroCable 4.5 mm OD Trunk & 3 mm OD Patch lead Options
  • LSZH, OFNP, OFNR Cable Jacket
  • Standard jacket colors: OM3 and OM4 Aqua (OM4 Available EricaViolet), G.657A1 Yellow
  • Loose Tube, Loose Tube Armoured and Universal Microcable Selection Available
  • Female/Un-Pinned and Male/ Pinned MPO connectors
  • Polarity B
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • MPO Interface - QSFP+ 40Gbase-SR transceivers are using MPO interface
  • Optimised Performance - Low loss Premium MPO and OM4 fiber selection assures low insertion losses and power penalties in tight power budget high speed network environment
  • High Density - Multifiber connector and compact dimension of ruggedised MicroCable ease space in costly data center environments
  • Rapid Deployment - Factory terminated modular system saves installation and reconfiguration time during moves, adds and changes
  • Reliability - 100% tested - Combination of high quality components and manufacturing quality control guarantees product to the highest standard
  • Data Centre Infrastructure
  • Assemblies for QSFP+ 40GBase-SR Transceivers
  • Parallel Optics
  • Infiniband
Fiber Grade OS1/2 G.657A1, OM3, OM4
Cable Type Microcable Max OD Trunks 8 cores 4.5 ± 0.3 mm Max OD Patchlead 8 cores 2.9 ± 0.1 mm
Jacket material: LSZH, OFNP, OFNR
Jacket color: Aqua (OM3, OM4), Erica Violet (OM4)
Connectors MPO 12xFiber Ferrule
Boot Colour: Black
Body Sleeve Colour: MM (Beige), MM Premium (Aqua, EricaViolet for EV Cable))Male/ Pinned or Female/ Un-Pinned
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +60°C
Installation Temperature -5 ~ +50°C
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +60°C

Connector Performance

MPO Premium (MM)* 0.10 dB 0.35 dB N/A
MPO (MM)* 0.20 dB 0.60 dB N/A
MPO Premium (SM)** 0.10 dB 0.35 dB >60 dB
MPO (SM)*** 0.25 dB 0.75 dB >60 dB

* ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D1; MM MPO

** ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D3 SM MPO

*** ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D3 SM MPO; Compliant with proposed IEC 61755-3-31/GRADE B

Cable Performance

Attenuation Coefficient [dB/km] ≤ 3.5 Max (850 nm)
≤ 1.5 Max (1300 nm)
≤ 2.7 Typ (850 nm)
≤ 0.9 typ (1300 nm)
≤ 3.5 Max (850 nm)
≤ 1.5 Max (1300 nm)
≤ 2.7 Typ (850 nm)
≤ 0.9 typ (1300 nm)
Minimum Bandwidth: Overfilled Launch [Mhz-km] ≥ 1500 (850 nm)
≥ 500 ( 1300nm)
≥ 3500 (850 nm)
≥ 500 (1300 nm)
Minimum Bandwidth: Laser Effective Modal Bandwidth [Mhz-km] ≥ 2000 (850 nm) ≥ 4700 (850 nm)
Ordering information
Code   Fiber Type   Cable Type   Jacket Material   Color   Code   End A   End B   Code   Unit   Length
M   3 OM3   DQ8 Single Jacket 3mm   L LSZH   9 YELLOW   P   U MPO F   U MPO F   -B002-   M Meters   1 1
    4 OM4   DS8 Double Jacket 4.5mm   E CPR
  C AQUA       V MPO M   V MPO M       F Feet   2 2
    7 G.657A1         C CPR
  D ERIKA VIOLET*                             3 3
                B CPR
                                  5 5
                R OFNR                                   10 10
                Q OFNR
UL Listed*
                                  XX Specify
                P OFNP                                      
                A OFNP
UL Listed*
* Check Cable Availability

Legacy Ordering Informations

Connector End A    Fiber Count    Connector End B    Fiber Type    Cable Construction   Cable Length   Length Unit    Cable Jacket Type
MF MPO (F)   8 8 core   MF MPO (F)   OM3 OM3 50/125   QSP Single jacket MicroCable 3mm OD   1 1   leave blank Meter   leave blank LSZH
MPF MPO Premium (F)         MPF MPO Premium (F)   OM4 OM4 50/125    QST Double jacket MicroCable 4.5mm OD   2 2   FT Feet   RI  Riser
MM MPO (M)         MM MPO (M)   7A1 SM G.657A1          3 3         PL  Plenum
MPM MPO Premium (M)         MPM MPO Premium (M)               5  5         RIUL Riser UL
                              10 10         PLUL Plenum UL
                              xx Specify         E***** LSZH CPR Euroclass Eca

*Specify only when different from End A
** Applicable for OM3 and OM4
​*** Check Availability- Contact Customer ServiceOD
​**** MTP US Conec MPO Connectors Available on Request- Add suffix "-US" to the end of PN
***** Standard Stock Profile Double Jacket 4.5mm OD Only

Example Part Number

MF   8       OM3   QST   1        

MF8OM3QST1 = Assembly 8 Core MPO (F)-MPO (F)-  OM3 50/125  4.5mm OD MicroCable  LSZH Aqua 1 meter

Additional information
  • TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801
  • IEC 61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5
  • NFPA 262 (OFNP) or IEC 60332 (LSZH)
  • IEC 60793
  • RoHS,  REACH and SvHC materials compliant