Equinix Australia Interconnects with 6912f SpiderWeb Ribbon® WTC

SpiderWeb Ribbon® Technology utilized by Equinix - the largest fiber count cable deployed outside of North America.

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Equinix Australia Interconnects with 6912f SpiderWeb Ribbon®  WTC

Volunteers Choice 2019

A huge congratulations to our Milton Keynes volunteers!

KidsOut Toy Audit

Due to the unprecedented volume of toys donated in 2018, KidsOut relies on volunteers to audit these toys, ensuring disadvantaged children promptly receive them.

MK Snap Dragon Walk

A group of AFL Hyperscale walkers dedicated their time to help raise vital funds for MK Snap on Saturday 30th March. 

Northwest Harvest Volunteers Choice Grant

Volunteers Choice grant courtesy of AFL Global.

Vision House Grant awarded

We were delighted to award No Homeless Kids a very well-deserved grant as part of AFL Global's Volunteers Choice program. 

5 Products Ideal for Colocation Data Centers

At AFL Hyperscale, we understand that different data centers have different requirements. Colocation data centers, housing hundreds (if not thousands) of customers, have specific considerations; from space management and installation times to scalability and standards compliance.

With this in mind, we have hand-selected 5 products designed to upgrade and optimize colocation data center network infrastructure.