Equinix Australia Interconnects with 6912f SpiderWeb Ribbon® WTC

SpiderWeb Ribbon® Technology utilized by Equinix - the largest fiber count cable deployed outside of North America.

NEW PRODUCT: FOCIS Lightning Fiber Scope

FOCIS Lightning is an ultrafast MPO/MTP connector inspection system that uses twin 5M pixel CMOS sensors to image the entire MPO end face simultaneously and perform multi-fiber inspections 10 to 100 times faster than legacy systems, displaying the full view connector end face image in less than two seconds from power-on.

5 Products Ideal for Colocation Data Centers

At AFL Hyperscale, we understand that different data centers have different requirements. Colocation data centers, housing hundreds (if not thousands) of customers, have specific considerations; from space management and installation times to scalability and standards compliance.

With this in mind, we have hand-selected 5 products designed to upgrade and optimize colocation data center network infrastructure.

New Data Center Test Equipment Range

AFL Hyperscale Launch NEW Data Center Test Equipment Range

February 11th, 2019 – AFL Hyperscale, a global leader in fiber optic technology, is launching a new range of fiber optic cleaning, inspection and test equipment for installing and maintaining high-density network cabling in data centers.

NEW PRODUCT: 6912 Fiber Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

The brand new 6912 fiber mass fusion splice cabinet is designed for larger data centers offering great scalability and providing high density where space is at a premium.

NEW PRODUCT: 9U Mass Splice & Patch

The 9U High Count Fiber (HCF) Mass Splice and Patch Frame is a high density rack mount management solution, housing 864 LC ports with integrated horizontal cable management in only 9U of space.