Read Our New E-Book: What is Hyperscale?

Our first e-book titled What is Hyperscale? is here! This piece aims to provide an entry-level understanding of the term and what it means in the context of the data center market and global IT landscape. Along the way, we will be examining the emergence and evolution of hyperscale data centers, the challenges faced, and future directions.


Read our e-book to discover:

- What is Hyperscale?

- The Evolution of Hyperscale

- Challenges for Hyperscale Networks

- Where Next?


How much of the world's total Internet traffic originates from hyperscale data centers?

What does it cost to build a hyperscale data center?

How much fiber is used in a typical hyperscale data center?

How many switch ports are in a hyperscale data center?


Read our e-book to find out!