Essential Connectors and Adapters for high-performance networks

Anyone terminating fiber or installing fiber management knows that even the smallest part has a huge impact on the quality of the finished job. That why AFL Hyperscale has leveraged it’s years of experience and hard learnt expertise to source high quality and reliable fiber connectivity products for all our customers needs.

Essential Cleaning Products for Optimal Network Performance

As data centers strive to support an ever-increasingly connected world, it is more important than ever that best practices are followed when cleaning and inspecting fiber end-faces. AFL Hyperscale’s industry-leading cleaning solutions ensure your data center operates at optimal performance levels with minimal service disruptions.

The Fiber Assemblies Experts

Our range of Standard, Enhanced, and Premium Pigtails offers an optimized and cost-effective, high-quality solution for most applications, including Enterprise, LAN, and Datacom. The pigtails provide 900µm buffered fiber for ease of handling in fiber management, such as panels, splice cassettes, and wall boxes. Offered with a variety of connector types, with tight-buffered, semi tight-buffered, […]

The Cabling and Connectivity Experts

AFL Hyperscale’s range of indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable is designed to offer high quality, availability, and value-for-money. Whether you need tight-buffered, loose tube, MicroCore®, patch, or breakout constructions in single-mode or multimode we can offer full drums or cut to length, with many available for same-day* dispatch for fast delivery. With 70 years […]