NEW PRODUCT: 6912 Fiber Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

The brand new 6912 fiber mass fusion splice cabinet is designed for larger data centers offering great scalability and providing high density where space is at a premium.

The cabinet can be installed by one person, and with a built in, adjustable working tray, mass-fusion splicing 6912 fibers has never been simpler reducing installation time by up to 40% by splicing 12 fibers at a time.

With cable entry at the top and bottom, there is complete flexibility over cable routing. The splice cabinet features leaf style trays which allow 144 fiber mass fusion splices per tray and a raceway & manifold system ensures fiber is protected at all times.

This cabinet is designed with the connectivity requirements of hyperscale operators in mind.

This cabinet also has the potential for padlock security, and is also available for none-ribbon optical fiber housing up to 1728 fibers.

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