KidsOut Toy Audit

Due to the unprecedented volume of toys donated in 2018, KidsOut relies on volunteers to audit these toys, ensuring disadvantaged children promptly receive them. Yesterday, a group of AFL Hyperscale volunteers donated their time to help sort through a staggering 2,854 gifts. A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers and to KidsOut for allowing us to do our part for such a fantastic cause.

Mission: Through our life-changing work, KidsOut gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of our society and workforce.

Each year more than 20,000 children flee domestic abuse to seek sanctuary in refuge. Typically leaving home with only the clothes on their back, these children have experienced physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse and arrive at refuge with nothing. In collaboration with Women’s Aid, partner charities and corporate supporters, KidsOut works to remind these children and thousands of others living with disadvantages what it is like to be children and just have fun.