FibreFab becomes AFL Hyperscale

FibreFab are pleased to announce that from May 8th 2018, they will rebrand globally as AFL Hyperscale. FibreFab are excited to share this news, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their great story. 

FibreFab, founded in 1992, and acquired by AFL in 2013, has experienced tremendous growth and recognition in the markets in which they operate.

AFL Hyperscale was borne out of a joint-venture between NetIG and AFL Hyperscale back in 2015, bringing together 70 years combined design and manufacturing expertise, with the aim of collaboratively supporting the network infrastructure needs of hyperscale and colocation data centers alike.

The joint-venture had much success, enabling data centers to accelerate faster across their technology roadmaps. The key to this success was a collaborative, unified team that listened and understood what the customer was looking to achieve, combined with capabilities to deliver responsive, innovative, and scalable network connectivity solutions anywhere in the world.

With increasing visibility in the market place, now is the right time for FibreFab to unify as AFL Hyperscale. Customers will be able grow with them on a global scale, and will also help to penetrate new markets and countries.

AFL Hyperscale will continue in its mission to create ‘optimized connectivity solutions driven by innovation’, to provide their customers with end-to-end network connectivity solutions, their business can depend and grow upon.

AFL Hyperscale: The World, Connected.