5 Products Ideal for Colocation Data Centers

At AFL Hyperscale, we understand that different data centers have different requirements. Colocation data centers, housing hundreds (if not thousands) of customers, have specific considerations; from space management and installation times to scalability and standards compliance.

With this in mind, we have hand-selected 5 products designed to upgrade and optimize colocation data center network infrastructure.


1. 288f Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

Colo Article - Wall CabinetWith flexible capacity and simple cable management, our Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet can store up to 288 single fibers or 1152 fibers utilizing ground-breaking SpiderWeb® Ribbon cable. Requiring just one person for installation, the cabinet is stackable (to a maximum of 3 units in a 45U frame) and can be wall or frame mounted with internal and external cable pass through spaces.

The splice cabinet features 12 leaf style trays which allow 24 single fiber splices per tray (or 96 using SWR technology) and a raceway manifold system to ensure the fiber is protected at all times. The perfect solution for your colocation data center building cable entry point.



2. 864f LC Port 6U Mass Splice and Patch Frame

Improve space management with our 864 LC Port 6U Mass Splice and Patch Frame.Colo Article - 6U

With an angled front plate, cable installation and maintenance is simple with horizontal cable management not required. The 6U Mass Splice and Patch Frame can accommodate both SpiderWeb Ribbon cable as well as traditional ribbon cable.

With rear access via a latch mechanism, installation of fiber is made easy with splice trays designed for mass ribbon fusion splicing. A traditional leaf-style splice tray stack ensures fully-managed fiber routing from transition to splice tray whilst minimizing the risk of bend losses.

The 6U Mass Splice and Patch Frame can be used in the Entry Room, Main Distribution or Zone Distribution Areas.


3. MicroCable Assemblies

Colo Article - MicroCable AssembliesMicroCable assemblies are compact in size, flexible though ruggedized, and offer the improved optical performance of a MicroCable structure. The standard 2mm patch lead style tails are ruggedized to secure the optical fiber in non-protected environments outside the patch panel or Optical Distribution Frame (ODF).

Network topology can be simplified by direct connection to active equipment, bypassing wall boxes, ODFs or fiber patch panels. The end result is a greatly improved power budget and reduced fiber management space.

MicroCable assemblies are available in OM3, OM4 and OS1/OS2, G.657A1 types with 12 and 24 cores as standard (higher core counts up to 144 fibers available) and LSZH, OFNP, OFNR cable jackets.

AFL Hyperscale MicroCable Assemblies are ideal for use in Storage Area Networks (SAN) within colocation data centers and can be utilized in internal short optical links and front panel/equipment connections.


4. Ultra-High Density (UHD) Splice ModuleColo Article - UHD Splice Module

UHD modules feature special internal splice management, conveniently housing up to 24 splice positions meaning a 2U rack space can contain up to 288 splice positions. Both LC (up to 24 x ports per module) and SC (up to 12 x ports per module) interfaces are provided. The natural demarcation by splice module provides easy selective access to installed/ spliced infrastructure and offers an easy way to manage moves, adds and changes.

Modules can be easily handled and splicing can take place in a convenient position away from module destination rack. Modules can be supplied with factory populated pigtails or as empty units.


5. Ultra-High Density 2U Chassis

Colo Article - UHD 2U ChassisThe 2U Ultra-High Density (UHD) Chassis is part of the Ultra-High Density Solution for infrastructure management in data centers, telecommunications and enterprise network environments.

Compact and secure, our 2U chassis can house up to 12 UHD Modules, with its design allowing scalability up to 288 LC ports and 2304 fibers using an MPO interface. Front and rear module access is available for easy installation and maintenance.

The AFLHyperscale Ultra-High Density Solution, comprising assemblies, modules, and chassis is ideal for colocation data centers, enabling you to scale your network with fast, easy, plug and play installation.



Flexible in approach, AFL Hyperscale design network solutions to meet the demands of colocation data centers. We listen to our customers to help create data center solutions that meet their exact requirements. Security, reliability and cost. Whether the owner or tenant, we have it all.

With decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of network solutions, we have the capabilities and infrastructure to rapidly deliver pioneering network connectivity solutions across the globe. Your network can grow and depend upon AFL Hyperscale. The World, Connected.‚Äč

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