NEW PRODUCT: 3456 Fiber Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

A cornerstone of our Ultra-High Fiber Count Solution, the brand new 3456 Fiber Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet meets splicing and storage demands like no other and enables a fast and easy installation in a high fiber environment.

Connect outside plant high-fiber ribbon cables to inside plant high-fiber ribbon cables in your Cable Entry Rooms or Meet Me Rooms (MMRs) with this light-weight, space saving cabinet. Designed for one person installation, this cabinet is an excellent alternative to splicing in a frame, reducing installation time by up to 40% by mass fusion splicing 12 fibers at a time.

With flexible Cable entry and exit points, multiple cables can enter or exit at the top or bottom of the cabinet, with pass-through space for cable routing so multiple cabinets can be stacked as your network grows.

This cabinet also has the potential for padlock security, and is also available for none-ribbon optical fiber housing up to 864 fibers.


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