At AFL Hyperscale we listen, gain insight, collaborate and deliver best-in-class, next-generation, custom network infrastructure solutions to hyperscale Data Centre customers globally.

With a full understanding of your challenge, we share our design and manufacturing capabilities as well as our most recent innovations and work together to arrive at a solution that best fits functionally and economically.

Our expert consultants offer a professional service to help customers overcome complex challenges, realize large scale network design, and assist to achieve growth and scale for the data centers they may not have known was possible.

AFL Hyperscale is here to help you get the World connected.

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A selection of product managers, physicists, mechanical, design and application engineers are assembled to answer your requirement and have strong technical disciplines across cable assemblies, cable, connectors, fiber management, enclosures, racks and cabinets.

Across the AFL Hyperscale family of companies, including AFL and Fujikura – a comprehensive array of products, solutions and network configurations are available to use, modify or customize to deliver a technology-led, quality assured network solution. Our design and manufacturing engineers can assist customers to realize fully customized next-generation solutions with a variety of project management and communication tools.   

Openness, collaboration and responsiveness are central to the AFL Hyperscale customer-centric approach.

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With proof of concept agreed, AFL Hyperscale project leaders manage developed designs through to prototype creation.

With a range of prototype creation methods available, we have the capability to create virtual, in-development and presentation prototypes quickly and easily. We work with customers to refine  functionality and ensure any custom product can transition from the prototype stage to a standards compliant, manufactured product easily.

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With ten group manufacturing locations across four continents, AFL Hyperscale offer an integrated supply chain. Customers globally have a local and quick response to critical requirements, as well as high volume, quick turn capabilities.

With a unified worldwide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and stringent quality assurance protocols, including ISO 9001 accreditation, quality management begins at the prototype phase, continues throughout manufacturing and continues to on-site customer support.

Out of the box, not only is quality assured – it’s guaranteed.

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Whether a mission critical assembly, or hall’s worth of infrastructure, we offer fast, reliable, tracked, cost-effective global transport links, with fulfilllment flexibility for multi or single site operations.

We can also leverage the existing channel of our authorized partners and resellers to facilitate local logistic support across the globe.

With international shipping expertise, delivery is assured from factory to site. 

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Quick, helpful, simple. Our customer service is unrivaled.

With dedicated account managers wherever you are in the World, quick and easy access to professional customer support is only a call or email away. With a multi-lingual support team covering more than 25 languages, we are a customer-centric business, connected worldwide here to help you at any point in the project life cycle and beyond. 

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